Shane Gillis: The Lastest Comedian to Move to the Stand-Up Comedy Hub of Austin, Texas

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Shane Joins the List of Fellow Stand-Up Comics Who Now Call Austin Home

Date Posted:September 7, 2023

Author:Barry Punster

Shane Gillis' journey in stand-up comedy is nothing short of remarkable. Originating from the lively comedy scenes in small town clubs, Gillis honed his comedic skills, leading him to the bustling comedy hubs like Montreal and New York City. His unique voice and candid style quickly garnered attention, making him one of the notable stand-up comics in the industry. While his early years involved hustling through open mics and perfecting his art, Gillis' biography is now enriched with sold-out shows, dedicated fans, and wide acclaim.

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast: A Comedic Duo

One of Gillis' major contributions to the comedy world is "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast," co-hosted with comedian Matt McCusker. The podcast is a blend of wit, humor, and candid discussions. It showcases the duo's natural camaraderie, making it a favorite among comedy enthusiasts. As with many successful ventures, their rapport isn't just about the laughs; it's about delving into deep topics with a light-hearted touch, ensuring that their listeners are both entertained and enlightened.

Gillis' Comedy Specials and "Beautiful Dogs"

The success of a comedian can often be gauged by their comedy specials, and Gillis is no exception. Over the years, he has delivered riveting performances, leaving audiences in stitches. His most recent comedy special, "Beautiful Dogs," streaming on Netflix, is a testament to his growth as a stand-up comic. Combining sharp wit with relatable narratives, "Beautiful Dogs" exemplifies Gillis' knack for blending humor with storytelling, making him a must-watch in the live comedy scene.

Shane Gillis' Big Move to Austin and the Comedy Renaissance

Austin: The New Comedy Mecca

The comedy scene in Austin, Texas, has experienced a renaissance of late, a movement spearheaded by the likes of Joe Rogan. Rogan's relocation to Austin and the subsequent opening of "The Comedy Mothership" not only boosted the city's profile but created a magnetic pull for other top-tier comedians. The sale of comedy tickets skyrocketed, as Austin's live comedy scene began drawing crowds like never before.

Shane Gillis is the latest addition to this growing list of comedians choosing Austin as their home. This significant revelation came during the Real Ass Podcast hosted by Luis J. Gomez in Austin, featuring a powerhouse of comedy talents, including Gillis, Ari Shaffir, Mark Normand, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Brian Redban.

Why Austin? Not Just for the Laughs

While the booming comedy scene might seem the obvious draw, Gillis' reasons to shift to Austin are multi-faceted. An amusing tidbit from the podcast highlighted how Gillis, along with Shaffir and Hinchcliffe, had spent their day drinking with wrestling legend Ric Flair, indicating Austin's diverse appeal.

One cannot ignore the financial benefits either. With Texas having no state income tax, the decision makes fiscal sense, especially for a comedian whose career is skyrocketing. This economic incentive, as Brian Redban highlighted, was likely a key factor in Rogan's initial move as well, sparking the whole comedy migration.

What Lies Ahead for Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast?

With Gillis' impending move, fans are naturally curious about the future of "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast." While Gillis' move is solidified, McCusker's situation is more nuanced. With a family and not being a permanent resident of New York City, McCusker's decision holds suspense. Fans are hopeful that the duo continues their in-person recordings, but the evolving dynamics of the comedy world might lead to innovations like remote collaborations.

The shifting dynamics in the world of stand-up comedy, with Austin emerging as a pivotal hub, has made headlines, and Shane Gillis' move only amplifies this trend. As the stand-up comic landscape evolves, one thing remains constant: the laughter that comedians like Gillis bring into our lives. As Austin's live comedy scene continues to flourish, it eagerly awaits the comedic genius of Shane Gillis.

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