Stand-Up Comedian Joey Diaz Releases New Book: Tremendous

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The Life of a Comedy Savage

Date Posted:April 18, 2023

Author:Rosalind Giggleston

From Crime and Convictions to Stand-up Comedy Stardom

The world of stand-up comedy has seen many talented comics grace the stage with their unique perspectives and senses of humor. One of the most captivating and hilarious stand-up comedians in recent times is none other than Joey "Coco" Diaz. His raw and unfiltered life story, filled with struggles, crime, and eventual redemption, is a testament to his unwavering resilience and determination to succeed. Diaz's upcoming book, 'Tremendous: The Life of a Comedy Savage,' promises to be a no-holds-barred account of his incredible journey, revealing the man behind the laughter.

A Glimpse into Joey Diaz's Past

This book is going to offer a tantalizing glimpse into Diaz's tumultuous past, from his childhood helping his mother in her bar to his time dealing drugs and serving time in prison. This brutally honest memoir will undoubtedly captivate not only stand-up comedy fans but people in general. Diaz's memoir delves into the darker chapters of his life, including addiction and depression, while still showcasing his humor and relentless spirit.

Joey Diaz is not only known for his uproarious live comedy performances but also for his memorable podcasts. Fans of the "Old Church Of What's Happening Now" podcast and the more recent "Uncle Joey's Joint" will be thrilled to know that Diaz's book is expected to capture the same unique storytelling style and voice that has made his podcasts so beloved. If Diaz eventually records the audiobook version in his own voice, it will undoubtedly feel like a trip down memory lane for his long-time fans.

The Growing Trend of Comedians Writing Books

Diaz's upcoming book is part of a growing trend of comedians sharing their life stories and perspectives in written form. Much like Tom Segura's collection of essays, 'Tremendous' promises to offer an intimate and humorous look into the life of a stand-up comic who has overcome numerous obstacles to achieve success in the competitive world of live comedy. Fans can pre-order the book on Amazon or wait until its release on May 2nd to purchase it in stores.

Stand-Up Comedians Doing Live Podcast Episodes

In addition to the highly anticipated release of Diaz's book, comedy podcast fans have more to look forward to, as two popular podcasts have announced plans for live shows. Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast" will be hosting a live digital experience on April 23rd, while the "Taste Buds" podcast will have its first-ever live battle on May 10th. Both live shows will be hosted on Moment House, allowing fans from around the world to join in on the fun.

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