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March Madness Comedy Podcast Tournament

Date Posted:April 14, 2023

Author:Phil Jokeman

Last month, comedy podcast fans from around the world united for an exciting, laughter-filled event: the 2023 Comedy Podcast March Madness Tournament. Sixteen of the funniest podcasts went head-to-head, and the community voted for their favorites. Today, we'll take you through the exhilarating journey, from round one to the crowning of the champion.

The Ultimate Showdown: 2023 Comedy Podcast March Madness Tournament Recap

The first round kicked off with "The Joe Rogan Experience" losing to "Hey Babe", with Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis' guest appearance stealing the show. "This Past Weekend", hosted by Theo Von, triumphed over the number one live podcast, "Kill Tony", setting the stage for a thrilling second round.

In the bottom left section, "The Tim Dillon Show" narrowly defeated "Are You Garbage", while "Chrissy Chaos" pulled off a shocking upset, sending the powerhouse "2 Bears, 1 Cave" home. The top right of the bracket saw "Flagrant" dominate "TigerBelly" and "Bad Friends" crush "Whiskey Ginger". Bad Friends' first-round victory garnered the most votes, with nearly 1,200 votes cast in their favor.

The first round concluded with "We Might Be Drunk"'s victory over "Tuesdays With Stories" and "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" edging out "Your Mom's House". The Elite Eight saw "The Joe Rogan Experience" fall to "This Past Weekend", while "Chrissy Chaos" continued its underdog story by besting the "Tim Dillon Show". "Bad Friends" overcame "Flagrant", and "We Might Be Drunk" rallied to secure a spot in the Final Four.

The Unpredictable Final Four: Underdogs and Fan Favorites Battle for the Comedy Podcast Title

The Final Four matchups had "This Past Weekend" facing "Chrissy Chaos" and "Bad Friends" battling "We Might Be Drunk". With record-breaking vote counts, "Chrissy Chaos" defeated "This Past Weekend", and "We Might Be Drunk" emerged victorious over "Bad Friends". This set the stage for an unexpected championship faceoff between "Chrissy Chaos" and "We Might Be Drunk".

Comedy Podcast Tournament

Some fans cried foul, claiming the unexpected matchup was rigged. However, it's worth noting that both podcasts actively promoted the tournament to their fans. The championship voting remained open for three suspenseful days, with the vote count hidden from the public.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. Congratulations to "We Might Be Drunk", the champions of the 2023 Joke WRLD Comedy Podcast March Madness Tournament! This victory could mark the beginning of a new dynasty in podcast clip tournament history.

A massive thank you to everyone who voted and shared the links, making this event an enjoyable experience for the entire comedy community. Special thanks to "Chrissy Chaos" and "We Might Be Drunk" for embracing the competition and sharing it with their fans. We can't wait to see what the next tournament brings. Until then, keep laughing and supporting your favorite comedy podcasts!

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