Best of August 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Bad Friends, Chrissy Chaos, Tuesdays With Stories and Many More

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in August

Date Posted:September 3, 2023

Author:Phil Jokeman

The world of podcasts has never been as uproarious and tantalizing as this past month, where a medley of comedic personalities poured out their wittiest quips and most memorable moments. "We Might Be Drunk" saw Sam Morril and Mark Normand reflect on the joys and challenges of family, punctuated with a humorous take on deriving comedy material from kids. Meanwhile, wrestling and love-making were humorously compared on "This Past Weekend", where Theo Von's self-deprecating humor and Ric Flair's amusing anecdotes had listeners in splits. "Bad Friends" ventured into the realm of language and comedic misunderstandings with a hilarious debate over the meaning of "soap soap." Elsewhere, playful banter about sports, careers, and jabs dominated the scene on "The Regs". Over at "TigerBelly", discussions ranged from Lizzo's reputation to playful pokes at body types, while "Kill Tony" delivered a rapid-fire session of roasts. "Flagrant" featured an honest critique of movies with a sprinkle of self-awareness from Logan Paul, and "The Yannis Pappas Hour" dove into the captivating contrast between alien news and the allure of salacious headlines. Dive into these episodes for a comprehensive taste of modern-day comedic genius.

We Might Be Drunk hosted by Mark Normand and Sam Morril

On the comedy podcast "We Might Be Drunk," hosted by stand-up comics Sam Morril and Mark Normand, the duo delved into the intricacies of family and how it influences the world of live comedy. Sam highlighted the significance of having a family in keeping a comedian grounded and relatable. Mark, emphasizing the universal appeal of family struggles, humorously quipped about the idea of having kids merely for the comedic material they offer. Taking the joke a step further, their guest jestingly mentioned the idea of losing a child just to obtain even richer content. For fans of stand-up comedy, this light-hearted discussion provides insight into how comedians draw inspiration from everyday life, reaffirming that comedy tickets to their live comedy shows offer both laughter and relatable tales.

This Past Weekend hosted by Theo Von with guest Ric Flair

In a recent episode of the comedy podcast "This Past Weekend," stand-up comic and host Theo Von was joined by the iconic wrestler Ric Flair. The two engaged in a humorous conversation centered around endurance, both in wrestling and personal encounters. Ric commented on the challenges of wrestling for a prolonged period, to which Theo jestingly compared his own struggles in intimate situations, suggesting that he couldn't even sustain a romantic tryst for 11 minutes, let alone wrestle for an hour. Ric, playing along, offered to introduce Theo to some helpful contacts in Tampa, hinting at remedies for his purported lack of stamina. The comedic banter was further amplified when Ric recounted an amusing anecdote about his friend, Dick Murdock. The story revolved around mutual satisfaction, with Dick's witty retort about both starting at the same time, thus not being accountable for the other's experience. For fans of stand-up comedy, this playful exchange between a comedian and a wrestling legend underscores the value of comedy tickets to live comedy events, where everyday experiences are turned into laughter-filled tales.

Bad Friends hosted by Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino

On the comedy podcast "Bad Friends," stand-up comics Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino, along with their guest, engaged in a hilarious linguistic tangle about the word "soap." The confusion stemmed from the term "soap soap," which according to Andrew, refers to a single soap in the Philippines. As the discussion proceeded, the trio veered into comedic territory, playing with the sound of the word and its potential meanings, exploring whether it could imply a food or an action. Bobby humorously equated it with a machete stabbing, while Andrew tried linking it to various physical actions like jumping jacks and jump rope. As the back-and-forth continued, the conversation shifted into a risqué realm, with both hosts making playful and bold suggestions about potential interpretations. This episode of "Bad Friends" exemplifies the unpredictable and entertaining turns stand-up comedy can take, especially in a live comedy podcast format. Fans of such comedic repartee would find value in purchasing comedy tickets to watch these comedians riff and jest in real-time, transforming everyday words and scenarios into comedic gold.

The Regz hosted by Dan Soder, Joe LIst, Robert Kelly and Luis J. Gomez

On the comedy podcast "The Regz," stand-up comics Dan Soder, Joe List, Bobby Kelly, and Luis J Gomez indulge in light-hearted banter reminiscent of live comedy venues. The interaction is spontaneous, with Dan starting by remarking their return to familiar antics. Joe makes a quirky observation about two 'o's and two zeros, possibly pointing at something or someone on the other side of the table. Amid the repartee, Joe and Dan share their sports affiliations, with Joe revealing he's a fan of LSU baseball. Luis tries to connect the dots with a tongue-in-cheek comment about someone potentially attending LSU, which leads to Bobby chiding him for diverting the conversation. The atmosphere grows more playful as Joe makes a jesting remark about someone's career being livy dunn, taking a punny dig in response to Luis' earlier comment. This snippet from "The Regz" showcases the dynamic between the comedians and how they effortlessly weave humor into conversations, characteristic of stand-up comedy. Such episodes reinforce the allure of purchasing comedy tickets for live comedy shows where fans can experience the unscripted wit of their favorite stand-up comics.

TigerBelly hosted by Bobby Lee

On the comedy podcast "TigerBelly," stand-up comics Bobby Lee and Khalyla engage in a light-hearted conversation with their guest, fellow comedian Mark Normand. The trio delves into the challenges of being a global sensation, with Khalyla musing about the potential consequences of certain actions, hinting at a possible lawsuit. Mark humorously suggests that gaining global popularity might require an individual to be tough, even to the point of being perceived negatively by others. The atmosphere becomes even more jovial when Bobby draws a parallel between Bert, another stand-up comic on a massive tour, and a global celebrity named Lizzo. Mark's witty retort about them having the "same body" results in collective laughter. This clip from "TigerBelly" captures the essence of live comedy and stand-up comedy dynamics, where comedians bounce jokes off each other, making it an appealing prospect for those considering purchasing comedy tickets to enjoy live comedy and experience the spontaneous wit of their favorite stand-up comics.

Kill Tony hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe

In an episode of the comedy podcast "Kill Tony," hosted by comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, the atmosphere is ripe with humor and roasting. Tony starts with a playful jab at a celebrity, suggesting a humorous name alteration from "Post Malone" to "Meat Roast Malone." The guest stand-up comic fires back with a series of comedic jabs aimed at Tony, drawing laughter from the audience with jokes about Tony's appearance and comparing him to an "unemployed crocodile hunter" and a "gay Clansman." The banter continues, with Tony noting the guest's avoidance of roasting popular comedian Joe Rogan. The guest fondly refers to Rogan as his "daddy," leading Tony to joke about the guest finally finding his father, much to the audience's amusement. This clip exemplifies the lively interactions that can be expected in live comedy shows, especially in a setting where comedians engage in light-hearted roasts. Those who enjoy stand-up comedy and wish to witness such spontaneous comedic exchanges would likely be drawn to purchasing comedy tickets for shows like "Kill Tony" to experience the wit and humor of their favorite comedians in real-time.

Flagrant Hosted by Andrew Schluz with guest Logan Paul

On an episode of the comedy podcast "Flagrant," hosted by stand-up comic Andrew Schulz, the conversation delves into film opinions, particularly focusing on the movie "Oppenheimer." Andrew candidly expresses that while he didn't leave the theater, he found the film somewhat average. As they discuss, a comparison to "Interstellar" arises, with the consensus being its excellence, although Logan Paul, the guest comedian, remarks on its slow start. Andrew, on the other hand, shares that he enjoys when films confuse him, considering it a marker of a good movie-watching experience. The conversation takes a humorous twist when Logan Paul, known for his YouTube stardom and sometimes polarizing actions, questions why his opinions on movies matter so much to the public. Andrew cheekily ties it back to a controversial incident in Japan involving Logan, which Logan acknowledges, adding a touch of self-aware humor about it being "culturally insensitive." This lively exchange on "Flagrant" exemplifies the spontaneous humor and discussions that listeners can expect from live comedy podcasts. Fans of stand-up comedy would likely be keen on securing comedy tickets for live recordings or shows featuring these comedians to enjoy the unscripted comedy dynamics firsthand.

Yannis Pappas Hour hosted by Yannis Pappas with guest Mark Normand

On "The Yannis Pappas Hour," a comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comic Yannis Pappas, guest comedian Mark Normand provides a humorous take on the current state of media consumption in America. Mark likens the country's obsession with pop culture and current events to the dramatic dynamics of high school, using singer Lizzo as a hypothetical example of the day's "prom queen." As the two comedians dive deeper, Mark humorously comments on how society prioritizes sensational stories, even to the extent of overlooking significant news like Congress admitting the existence of aliens. He jests that America's fascination lies more with scandalous true crime stories than with extraterrestrial beings. Drawing an amusing parallel between drug consumption and news addiction, Mark claims that society has moved past the milder "weed" phase of news to a more intense "heroin" phase, craving ever more scandalous stories. Yannis chips in with a comedic observation on why Martians haven't made headlines, concluding they're simply "boring" as they haven't committed any newsworthy crimes. Their witty exchange exemplifies the kind of humor and insights fans of live comedy and stand-up comedy can expect from such podcasts. For those eager to experience more, grabbing comedy tickets for live recordings would be a treat.

Hey Babe hosted by Chris Distefano with guests Sal Vulcano and Sam Morril

In an episode of the comedy podcast "Hey Babe," hosted by stand-up comic Chris Distefano, guests Sal Vulcano and Sam Morril discuss a controversial video clip. The clip features a woman claiming to identify as "trans financial," humorously describing herself as a "rich girl stuck in a broke girl's body." Chris is of the opinion that the woman is merely doing a comedic bit, but notes the intense reactions from viewers in the comments, many of whom seem to take her claim seriously. Sal Vulcano responds with a comedic jab of his own, saying he identifies as "transatlantic," hinting at the urge to fly to Europe without the actual desire to do so. Sam Morril adds to the humor, suggesting "Trans financial" sounds like an exclusive bank catering only to high-profile names like Caitlyn Jenner. Chris concludes the banter, hilariously comparing "Trans financial" to a potential name for a stadium tour. The segment showcases the stand-up comedians' knack for humorously dissecting viral content, offering listeners an insight into the ever-evolving landscape of comedy. For enthusiasts looking to indulge in such witty exchanges, securing comedy tickets for live comedy performances would be a delightful experience.

Tuesdays With Stories hosted by Mark Normand and Joe List

In an episode of the comedy podcast "Tuesdays With Stories," stand-up comics Joe List and Mark Normand dive into a humorous discussion about the inconvenience of carrying a suit on public transport. Joe exclaims his aversion to the idea of carrying a suit on the seven train, to which Mark offers a contemporary solution: TaskRabbit. With this service, Joe could potentially hire someone to transport his suit from Midtown to Astoria for a fee. Mark humorously envisions this potential helper as a "pothead with a mullet." Joe, in his comedic style, raises a cheeky concern about whether this stranger might tamper with his shirt. Mark jests that for an additional charge, perhaps! Their light-hearted exchange exemplifies the relatable woes of urban living and the evolving gig economy solutions, all wrapped up in their comedic flair. Fans of live comedy and those seeking comedy tickets would surely enjoy such amusing conversations and the duo's natural rapport.

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast hosted by Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis

On an episode of "Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast," stand-up comics Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis discuss an amusing encounter Shane had in Westchester. Shane shares his awkward experience of being recognized and greeted with the phrase "big man's back on campus." Although Shane found the comment embarrassing, especially since it was made in front of his friends, Matt couldn't help but find the humor in it. Matt thought the comment was intentionally funny, but Shane was certain that the individual had spoken with genuine nervous energy, particularly since the person was accompanied by his girlfriend. The duo playfully riff on the idea of Shane being the "bmoc" or "big man on campus," with Matt encouraging Shane to embrace the title and "go wild" on his last night there. Their banter showcases their comedic chemistry, making it a treat for fans of live comedy. Those looking for comedy tickets would undoubtedly find their lively discussions and natural comedic rapport appealing.

Your Mom's House hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P.

On the comedic podcast "Your Mom’s House," hosted by the stand-up comedy duo Tom Segura and Christina P, an episode finds the two addressing a humorous situation involving country music star Garth Brooks. After playing a clip of Brooks discussing an interactive song request feature, Tom and Christina delve into the revelation that Garth Brooks has seemingly blocked everyone from the Your Mom’s House (YMH) Studios on his social media account. They speculate that Brooks likely hired a tech-savvy individual who advised him to block the fans and followers of the podcast. Tom, taking on a more playful tone, issues a rallying call to the show's listeners, urging them not to back down in light of this widespread blocking. Drawing parallels to a war-like scenario, he encourages the audience to stay strong, suggesting that the YMH team is now depending on them for support in the light-hearted "battle" against Brooks. Christina adds to the humor by asking Tom to provide a motivational speech to their troops. This episode is a great example of their comedic chemistry, which has made their podcast a go-to for those seeking laughs from live comedy.

Taste Buds hosted by Sal Vulcano and Joe DeRosa

In an episode of the comedy podcast "Taste Buds" hosted by stand-up comics Sal Vulcano and Joe Derosa, the duo, along with a guest, dive into a humorous debate about the intricacies of cooking. Sal starts the conversation by mentioning a specific egg-based recipe, prompting the guest to compare it to the simplicity of pancakes, humorously suggesting that pancakes are made up of just "a pan and a cake." Joe then jumps in to defend the complexity of pancakes. He lists off ingredients such as baking soda, baking flour or powder, vanilla extract, and even cinnamon, suggesting that pancakes aren't as straightforward as the guest believes. The conversation then takes a comedic twist when Joe points out that making pancakes isn't as easy as one might think, emphasizing that it's "no walk in the park." The guest echoes the sentiment, turning it into a light-hearted joke. This snippet from the podcast showcases the fun banter and playful discussions about food that the show offers, making it an engaging listen for those who enjoy a combination of live comedy and culinary talk.

Stavvy's World hosted by Stavros Halkias

On an episode of the comedy podcast "Stavvy’s World," hosted by stand-up comic Stavros Halkias, he is joined by a guest named Evan. The segment begins with Stavros humorously commenting on Evan's attire, jokingly likening him to a "Latino T-Mobile employee on date night." Stavros continues his comedic jabs, suggesting Evan resembles a "Dominican taking out his side chick for margaritas" and quipping that he might end up buying a Mazda cx30 from Evan by the end of their podcast. Evan, playing along, jests about how he would behave if he took his "side bitch" to a basketball game and they appeared on the jumbotron. The banter escalates as Stavros ribs Evan about his recent attendance at an event, humorously suggesting it was a magician's convention where Evan aimed to be the "gay assistant." The exchange reflects the playful and light-hearted dynamic between the two, emblematic of the live comedy atmosphere that "Stavvy’s World" brings to its audience. The podcast offers a blend of humorous anecdotes, jesting, and banter, making it a must-listen for fans of stand-up comedy and comedic dialogues.

Whiskey Ginger hosted by Andrew Santino with guest Joe List

In a segment from the comedy podcast "Whiskey Ginger," host and stand-up comic Andrew Santino has an amusing conversation with his guest, comedian Joe List. The two delve into a playful discussion about musicians and their backgrounds. Andrew mockingly suggests Joe dislikes Jews, but Joe jestingly counters by searching for Jewish musicians he appreciates. Andrew then humorously brings up Modest Yahoo, a one-hit wonder artist with a reggae hip-hop vibe, to which Joe confesses he's unfamiliar. Joe goes on to mention Joey Ramone as another Jewish musician, allowing Andrew to playfully tease Joe for seemingly lacking knowledge of more Jewish artists. The conversation then pivots humorously to Joe's favorite Palestinian artist, with Joe citing Cat Stevens, who converted to Islam and had controversial views about America. The dialogue is filled with jest and lighthearted teasing, epitomizing the camaraderie often found in live comedy podcasts. Both Andrew and Joe display their comedic chops, ensuring that fans of stand-up comedy and witty banter will find "Whiskey Ginger" a treat to listen to.

Harland Highway hosted by Harland Williams with guest Corey Feldman:

In a comedic episode of "Harland Highway," the stand-up comic host Harland Williams sits down with his guest, Corey Feldman. The two have a playful debate about Michael Jackson's iconic exclamations. Harland probes Corey, who was a close acquaintance of Michael Jackson, to explain the meaning behind Jackson's famous "sheeee-heeee" sound. Corey clarifies that the term is an "eeee-heeee hooo" which expresses a self-indulgent exuberance on the dance floor. The duo then humorously argue about the pronunciation, with Harland mistaking it for "cheee-heee." They also touch upon the term "chamon," which Corey reveals is just Jackson's slang for "come on." Throughout the segment, the two comedians playfully banter, with Harland teasing and repeatedly mispronouncing Jackson's phrases, leading to comedic misunderstandings. Corey emphasizes the genius behind Jackson's slight alterations to common terms, making them unique. As Harland pokes fun at the sounds, likening "chamon" to someone calling a child inside, Corey plays along, further adding to the humor. The segment provides an insightful, yet lighthearted perspective on Jackson's signature sounds, proving a treat for fans of stand-up comedy, live comedy podcasts, and pop culture.

Chrissy Chaos hosted by Chris Distefano with guest Joe DeRosa

On an episode of "Chrissy Chaos," stand-up comic and host Chris Distefano welcomes his guest, Joe DeRosa. The segment starts with Chris in mid-conversation, prompting a humorous entrance from Joe, who seems surprised that the recording has already begun. The focal point of their comedic banter becomes a prop or item that bears a resemblance to Joe. Chris jests about it being the "mirror image" of Joe, alluding to the uncanny similarity. As the two comedians jovially converse, they reference a pig named Abby, which Chris humorously suggests renaming to Joe because of its likeness to DeRosa. To add to the jest, Chris points out that the pig even snorts whenever it's called Joe. This light-hearted exchange showcases the playful dynamic between the two stand-up comics, making for an entertaining segment. Fans of live comedy, comedy podcasts, and stand-up comedy would undoubtedly appreciate this playful interaction and the quick wit displayed by both comedians.

August 2023 Comedy Podcast Stats

August 2023 saw a vibrant shift in the comedy podcasting scene with some notable statistics. Stand-up comic Joe List was the most sought-after podcast guest for the month. He made appearances on a whopping eight podcasts, including prominent shows like 'Are You Garbage', 'The Honeydew', 'Taste Buds', 'Stav's World', 'We Might Be Drunk', 'Whiskey Ginger', 'The Verzy Effect', and 'Legion of Skanks'.

When it came to the most-viewed episodes, 'Flagrant’s' episode featuring Mexican OT took the lead, amassing an impressive 2.4 million views. Not far behind was 'Kill Tony’s' standout episode which had special guests Post Malone and Joe Rogan; this episode garnered 1.4 million views in a mere span of three days. Additionally, 'This Past Weekend' with Theo Von released an episode with intellectual powerhouse Jordan Peterson. This episode quickly gained traction, achieving a million views in just two days.

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