Best of June 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Flagrant, Hey Babe, Are You Garbage and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in May

Date Posted:July 10, 2023

Author:Tommy Laugherton

BertCast hosted by Bert Kreischer with guests Dan Soder, and Big Jay Oakerson:

This stand-up comedy podcast clip features comedians Dan Soder and Big Jay Oakerson cracking up about host Bert Kreischer's resemblance to a retired strong man. The hilarity escalates as they exaggerate Kreischer's feats of strength, even dubbing him "Bertrend Von Kreischer," and making allusions to circus strongman performances.

Bad Friends hosted by Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino:

In this episode, stand-up comedians Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino discuss a bizarre situation in Philadelphia. The comedy stems from their humorous yet unsettling take on the situation, going as far as doing a Michael Jackson - Thriller parody of the streets affected by the fentanyl crisis. This clip portrays their ability to find comedy even in dire situations.

Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast hosted by Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis:

Stand-up comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis discuss a documentary about 9/11, delving into a humorous take on a grim subject. The pair jokes about college students drinking while watching the disaster unfold and the horrifying choice of jumpers. This clip is a showcase of their talent in comedic banter, even in the face of sensitive topics.

We Might Be Drunk hosted by Mark Normand and Sam Morril with guest Chris DiStefano:

In this clip, the comedians joke about what they would do if they had the chance to perform live comedy at the real Madison Square Garden. The conversation quickly devolves into absurdity, with Epstein and unusual proclivities becoming the central theme. This clip highlights their ability to spin any situation into a comedic discourse.

Your Moms House hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P with guest Stavros Halkias:

Stand-up comic Stavros Halkias humorously explores his sexual flexibility for scientific purposes, bringing laughter to Tom Segura and Christina P. This clip exemplifies the comedic capacity of stand-up comics to convert personal experiences and thoughts into hilarious content, keeping the audience entertained.

Kill Tony hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe with guests Dave Attell and Jeff Ross:

In this live comedy podcast, a comic hilariously roasts stand-up comics Dave Attell and Jeff Ross. The comic makes fun of their appearances, turning the scenario into a heated yet humorous roast battle. This clip shows the ability of stand-up comics to handle ridicule and maintain their comic charm.

Hey Babe hosted by Chris DiStefano with guests Sal Vulcano and Joe DeRosa:

Stand-up comic Chris DiStefano's proposition to practice "poverty" to appreciate his luxuries is humorously criticized by Joe DeRosa as it essentially describes DeRosa's regular life. The comedic revelation offers a playful exploration of their differing lifestyle standards. This clip presents a fun and relatable situation that elicits laughs from the audience.

Are You Garbage? hosted by H. Foley and Kevin Ryan with guest Ali Siddiq:

In a humorous reminiscence about his childhood, stand-up comedian Ali Siddiq discusses his parents' relationship with hosts H. Foley and Kevin Ryan. Siddiq hilariously recounts how his father would use his birthday parties to attempt reconciliation with his mother. Despite the painful context, Siddiq lightens the story with a comedic perspective, detailing how his father would overdress for these events.

Stavvy's World hosted by Stavros Halkias with guests Ian Finance and Jordan Jensen:

This clip features a lively debate on inappropriate audience interaction between Stavros Halkias, Ian Finance, and guest Jordan Jensen. The trio humorously discuss the power dynamics of a stand-up comedy setting, leading to a controversial and comically warped conversation about adult-child interactions.

Taste Buds with Sal Volcano and Joe DeRosa:

In this snippet, hosts Sal Volcano and Joe DeRosa engage in a funny conversation about colloquial terms for women's breasts. The discussion, teeming with comedic tension, contrasts their personal preferences for terminologies and leads to a series of jokes about their friends' choices of words.

2 Bears 1 Cave hosted by Tom Segura with guest Ari Shaffir:

Tom Segura and Ari Shaffir, two stand-up comics, humorously delve into an anecdote about a nudist beach experience. They discuss the eccentricities and unexpected events that unfolded at the beach, hilariously culminating with the intersection of the nude beach with a military testing ground.

TigerBelly hosted by Bobby Lee with guest Sam Morril:

Bobby Lee sets up hypothetical situations for guest Sam Morril involving requests for financial help from estranged family members. Morril's responses, combined with Bobby's comedic set-up, create a humorously awkward scenario questioning the responsibilities and expectations of familial relationships.

Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino and Matteo Lane:

Andrew Santino and Matteo Lane humorously discuss their perceptions of Disney World, especially when attended by adults without children. Their commentary encompasses their personal impressions and experiences with the amusement park, leading to a series of comedic assumptions about people who enjoy such places.

The Yannis Pappas Hour with Yannis Pappas and Andrew Santino:

Andrew Santino and Yannis Pappas delve into a funny discussion about vanity, gay stereotypes, and skincare routines. Their conversation touches on the perceived lifestyle of gay men and the impact of happiness on physical appearance, offering a light-hearted and humorous perspective on the subject.

Flagrant with Andrew Schulz and Chris DiStefano:

Chris DiStefano humorously shares his experience working with autistic children during his time as a physical therapist. His narration, filled with unexpected scenarios and his unconventional ways of interacting with the children, evokes laughter and showcases the lighter side of working in a challenging environment.

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